Acrylic: These are the temporary partials made of Acrylic and have Metals clasps that attach to 2-4 teeth you have remaining in your mouth to help hold the partial in. These partials have a quick turnaround time for delivery and are good to replace Anterior teeth. These are light weight partials that are easy to adjust, and clasp are bendable to tighten and loosen as needed. These can be made in less than a 2 week period.

Valplast: These are made of a flexible material and the clasp are the same color material as the partial for a more aesthetic look. These partials can have minimal adjustments made to them and tend to have a tight fit. They can be a full size or can be made in a small single-tooth size called a Nesbit. These can be made in less than a 3 week period.

Cast Metal: These are our most durable partials and are great for lower teeth due to the weight of them to help keep them in place with the movement of your tongue and cheeks while talking and eating. These partials have a Metal base with mixed acrylic and metal clasps. This type requires several visits to have it made.

Step 1: Impress for Cast Metal Partial Design – This will allow the lab to place certain marks on the model of your teeth for us to place Rest Seats (indentation on tooth for partial to rest) After Rest seats are placed in office an additional impression will be taken and sent back to the lab for them to move forward with Framework Try-in (3 weeks)

Step 2: Framework Try-in – This will be the Metal base of the partial with wax blocks attached to establish your bite to make it feel as natural as possible. You and your assistant will pick a shade for teeth on the partial to match the remaining teeth in your mouth.

Step 3: Framework Try-in with teeth – This step is to try  in the partial with the teeth on it to make sure you approve everything before the lab makes the partial for delivery

Step 4: Delivery.  Partial will be tried in with your assistant and you will be instructed how to take in and out and instructions to care for your partial.

Adjustments may be needed in the upcoming weeks as you wear the partial. Please call the office to get in for adjustment appointment. 904-259-5007